Three Pronouns

Three Pronouns

YOU told ME I would be your queen.

WE would rule together, over monotonous mountain plains,

blue cliché skies, and red rain yellow orange sunshine

Cloistered in our world of solitude surrounded with nothing but each other

Never knowing not caring what went on around us cause

YOU and ME commingled then became WE


WE didn’t need nothing but each other

WE could build our own diversify our portfolio choose and create options

WE would be life, then create life expand and contract

Building our own empire together


ME I looked to YOU for confirmation

Choices made that involved matters of my heart,

YOU looked to ME

For the same,

I continued to look to YOU and thought YOU were looking to ME

and then…


That other chick

SHE caught your eye,

One day while walking by,

SHE took her time

That window that I never knew WE had, SHE looked through it

Peeping in on ME and mine

That window that I never knew WE had became a door, SHE walked through it

Trying to get me to be no more

Brick by brick

Stone by stone

Took it all away till I was on my own

SHE was building her castle

Had prepared her throne

I willed YOU to stay

Stay YOU would not


WE – YOU + SHE  = ME


Beverly Berry

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